Jeopardy Games

Featured Game: Jeopardy

Classroom Jeopardy Games are used by many teachers as review activities that challenge students to demonstrate proficiency in different areas of mathematics in order to win points for the team.   Whether they are done in Power Point or on index cards, students are motivated to master the concepts and skills involved.


  • Student Participation: Encourage students to submit questions for different categories as a review for upcoming test.   Grant extra credit to students whose questions & answers are good enough to make the cut.
  • Math Project: Let teams of students use a Power Point template to create Jeopardy Reviews on different topics.
  • Jeopardy Challenge: Create a Jeopardy Game and challenge other classes in your school to a contest, using your class game.

Online Jeopardy Games & Resources

These games help students review mixed mathematical skills and concepts.