February Math Activities

Featured Activity: Valentine Symmetry

  • Symmetric Valentines: have students fold paper and draw half of the outline of a heart on one side, cutting to reveal the completed shape.
  • Symmetric Valentine Faces:   follow directions for Symmetric Faces to create Symmetric Valentine Faces using a basic heart shape and a combination of red, pink and white paper for the face and cut features.

  • Valentine's Day:

    Consider using some of these activities to incorporate Valentine's Day into enriching math activities.

    Valentine Heart Candy

    • Graphing: students predict how many candies will be in the box, then count and graph data on the contents of one small box of these candies
    • Average box: students use class data to describe the average box in terms of number of candies, colors, sayings, etc.
    • Fractions: students write fractions to describe each color in the box as a fraction of the total amount
    • Counting: after reading Ten Apples up on Top, students create a class booklet titled Ten Hearts up on Top.   Students may draw themselves and hearts or use heart candy to illustrate their assigned number.
    • Patterns: use heart candies to construct AB, AAB, ABB, ABC patterns, etc.
    • Play Grab the Candy! game using heart candies to practice coordinate graphing.
    • Download Grab the Candy Game: Valentine's Day Version
    • Valentine Battleship challenges students to find the Valentine heart candies placed on their opponent's grid.

    Valentine Games


    Valentine Patterns

    Colored Hearts: Can You Finish the Pattern? challenges students to identify the pattern and extend it by coloring in the white hearts. Teachers should require students to classify the patterns (AB, AAB, etc.) and explain the pattern they see and how they decided to continue the pattern.

    Valentine Problem Solving:

    • Pascal's Hearts challenges students to use patterns in Pascal's Triangle to complete the diagram, then extend the pattern.
    • Heart Paths challenges students to find all the different paths that spell HEART if they can only move from a letter to one of the two letters directly below it.
    • How Many Valentines? challenges students to look for patterns to solve the problem about class valentines.
    heart heartpaths

    Presidents Day

    Consider using a data analysis activity about U.S. Presidents that requires students to analyze data in a table, construct a frequency table and graph, then finally convert this to a U.S. map picture of the data.

    • Where Did They Come From? is a mathematics-social studies activity that analyzes the data on the home states of U.S. Presidents. Do you know which state has given us the most Presidents?

    Winter Olympics:

    Consider using some of these activities to incorporate fascination with the Winter Olympics (February 10-26, 2006) into enriching math activities.