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See Active Participation: Using Math Templates for more information about using templates:

  • to increase student participation in math lessons
  • to assess student proficiency and mathematical understanding of concepts and skills

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Patterns & Algebra Templates

  • Magic Pot Workmat for students to use in sheet protectors as a follow-up to reading Two of Everything, a humorous introduction to functions and function machines.   This mat is also used to record input and output numbers in the Guess My Rule game.
  • Magic Pot Mat: use with linking cubes of two colors to reinforce in/out and rule.
  • Function Machine Template can be placed in a sheet protector so that students can use dry-erase markers to play the game by recording input/output numbers, then erasing when they switch places.
  • Generic 3-column Function Template
  • Function: Table & Graph Template for student use in sleeve protectors to provide template for students to create a table of values and graph the values on the coordinate plane.
  • Integer Mat Template: use with 2-color counters to concretely develop the positive-negative charge model of integers.

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