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There are currently five different ways to search the site for specific topics or activities. Quick links have been added to the upper left of the Home page and the main Mathwire search pages (A-Z List, Standards, Topics, Archives, What's New?) for your convenience in searching the site.

  1. Search Box: Type a word or phrase in the Search box at the top of the the home page to do a Google Search of the site on that word/phrase. This feature is also available on the major search pages of Mathwire listed at the upper left of the home page (A-Z List, Standards, Topics, Archives).
  2. Alphabetical List: Select A-Z List at the top of the Home page to go to an alphabetical listing of activities and topics. So, select W to find the Who Has? cards, for instance, or G to find more information on Glyphs. Under S, you'll find Seasonal Math Activities which will take you to a menu for all of the fall and winter math activity collections.
  3. Math Standards: Select Standards at the top of the Home or New page for a listing of activities and topics by NCTM Math Standard. Note that this list is still under development, but it's a good place to start looking for activities to address the different standards.
  4. Math Topics: Select Topics at the top of the Home page for a quick reference page to major topics on the site, such as Seasonal Math or Who Has? Activities.
  5. Mathwire Archives: Select Archives at the top of the Home page. Check through the Mathwire Archives to see past issues of the Home pages and past issues of the New pages, organized by month. This small Archives icon is available on both the Home and New pages.
  6. Home: Clicking this icon at the top of any Mathwire page will return you to the home page where you may access all of the search functions listed above.
  7. [not pictured above] New Additions to Select What's New? to go to the New page for the current month. This page details new additions to the site and provides links to those activities. This feature has been added to the quick links to make it easier to check what's been added since your last visit.

Eventually, these search options will appear at the top of each Mathwire page. For now, the Home page is a good place to start any search. Hopefully, these different options will allow users to easily locate information on specific topics.

New to The Alphabetical List (A-Z List) and the Mathwire Archives are good places for new visitors to start surfing through the site as they present an ordered tour through the activities and topics on the site.

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Recent Additions to

Added on April 12, 2008: Math Manipulatives Series: Investigating Dominoes

The second installment of this series is now online. Math Manipulatives: Investigating Dominoes is a one-stop resource for dominoes that includes games, math-literature connections, problem solving, templates and links to additional online resources to help students use dominoes to develop number sense. Be sure to check out the Domino Fun section at the bottom of this page to view some amazing Domino Art and to master a domino trick that will astound your students!

Added on April 11, 2008: Mathematics Blackline Masters Grades P to 9

The Mathematics Blackline Masters Grades P to 9 site is a tremendous resource for downloadable PDF files for many math manipulatives and charts. There are fraction bars and circles, pattern blocks, place value charts, number lines, grid paper and isometric paper to name just a few. Add this resource to your favorites as you are sure to return again and again to sample the different files for use in your math classroom!

Added on April 9, 2008: Domino Flash Cards 2

The new Domino Flash Cards 2 set was designed to extend the original Mathwire double-six Domino Flash Cards to create a double-nine set that may be used in the classroom for addition and subtraction activities. Thanks to Diane Piatt for the suggestion that the set be extended.

Added on March 30, 2008: Math Poetry

See the April issue of Mathwire for suggested literature connections and math-poetry activities to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Added on March 30, 2008: Earth Day Math Activities

See the April issue of Mathwire for more Earth Day math activities. Be sure to check out Earth Day Math Activities for additional resources.

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