Winter Math Activities

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Added on 12/21/05: More Winter Math Activities

Added on 12/20/05: Name-Collection Spiders

Added on 12/16/05: Student Work: Holiday Math Activities

Added on 12/15/05: Sudoku 9x9 Template

Featured Game: Game of Pig

The classroom version with one die challenges students' perceptions of the probability of a single dice throw.   How long can you safely collect points before a "1" is thrown?   Use this for simple addition practice of several addends.   Challenge student groups to develop winning strategies and raise the bar for critical thinking about a simple one-die game.

  • Download The Game of Pig
  • Play Pig online: the two dice game
  • Download Skunk Game: the game of Pig moves to a new level with this version.   Just when students think they have a winning strategy for pig, introduce Skunk and challenge them to develop a winning strategy for this version.
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