Number & Numerical Operations

Hundred Board Logic Problems

The hundred board is an important tool in mathematics.   Young students use this tool to order numbers, to count on, to skip count, and to add or subtract by moving ahead or moving back.   Older students use the hundred board to study factors and multiples.

Through consistent use of this tool, students begin to appreciate the embedded patterns and use these patterns to solve problems.   Hundred Board Logic Problems build on these patterns and require students to apply the mathematical concepts they have learned.

Strategy: Students use a hundred board to eliminate numbers after reading each clue. Students must apply their knowledge of even-odd, multiples and place value to successfully eliminate numbers until the solution is revealed.

Number & Numerical Operations

Each of these webpages discusses activities and games that support student development of number sense and the concept of mathematical operations.   Pictures on each webpage capture students doing the activity or represent student work.   PDF files are available for download with game mats, directions, recording sheets, etc. as required by each game or activity.

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