December 2006

Featured Topic:   Math Enrichment

It's an exciting time of year but a tough one for math classes as students gear up for the holidays. Consider adding some regular doses of enrichment to your weekly math classes as a way to "keep them learning" through fun math activities. Consider some of the following options:

Winter Math Activities

Capitalize on student interest in snow, snowmen, penguins and snow holidays. You'll find something for every age student on these Mathwire Winter pages.

  • NEW!   See Winter 2006 for more winter math activities: Penguin Math, Snowflake Activities, Math-Literature Connections, Winter Problem Solving, and Winter Glyphs.
  • See Winter Math Activities for a variety of activities that involve snow, snowdays, penguins, holidays to teach students about coordinate graphing, problem solving, etc.
  • NEW!   See Elf Glyph: complete with legend and patterns for easy assembly by students.

Math Games

It's always more fun to practice basic facts in a game format rather than worksheets. Plan a weekly game day, add some games to your math center, or schedule some time at the end of class for students to play games to master basic facts.

  • See Mathematical Games for a complete list of games by Math Standards. You may download game mats, recording sheets and directions for student use. Remember to laminate game boards or place them in sheet protectors to prolong the life of the games.

Who Has? Activities

Use these decks to practice basic facts AND listening skills. Each student in the class gets 1-2 cards and he/she must listen for a classmate to read a math fact for which his/her card is the answer. Students enjoy timing the rounds as they become more proficient at the activity. This way they can try to beat their time each day. This is a great routine for these hectic days as a round should only take about 2-3 minutes.

More Enrichment Activities

Check out some of the topics on this page and bookmark it for future use.

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