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Featured Topic: Fall Math Activities 2007

These activities were designed to introduce or reinforce important math concepts and skills using seasonal themes. This is a natural fit for elementary classrooms where teachers and students celebrate the various holidays with literature and art projects. These activities allow teachers to also incorporate math activities that develop and support important mathematical concepts and skills.

The Fall 2007 collection includes Bat and Spider Activities, Math-Literature Connections with math activities to complement the books, a new coordinate graphing game, new fall problem solving tasks and a list of links to additional fall activities on the internet.

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Recent Additions to

Added on September 28, 2007: Math Activity Themes Series

The Math Activity Theme Series is designed to collect all activities on one page for easy reference by teachers using a themed approach. It is also an easy reference tool for teachers who are looking for seasonal games, problem solving tasks, math-literature connections, or other math activities to add to math centers, Do Nows, weekly problem solving challenges, etc. to capture student fascination with seasonal topics.

The Math Activity Theme Series currently includes Bat Math and Spider Math, just in time for October and Halloween math activities. Each page is a collection of current activities but some new activities were developed for each collection, so be sure to check each page carefully for both new and old themed activities.

This themed series is currently in development. Look for new themes to be added over the coming months.

Check out the new Math Activity Theme Series.

Added on September 22, 2007: Jan Brett's Numbers

Added on September 20, 2007: Counting & Addition Mats

Seasonal mats are a welcome addition to the classroom math center. Teachers may use these in a number of ways to help students master math skills:

Added on September 20, 2007: Shari Sloane's Website

Shari is a kindergarten teacher and consultant. Her site is a wealth of ideas, pictures and activities for primary teachers. Be sure to check these math resources by selecting them in the left navigation column:

Added on September 19, 2007: Math Music

Many students learn through music. Witness the number of adults who easily sing the ABC song with their own children. Composers are beginning to develop math-specific songs to help students learn math concepts and skills. Whether teachers use a song to introduce or reinforce a concept, or as a regular part of calendar time, students are bound to benefit from the multi-sensory experience.

Check out the new Mathwire page: Math Music for songs, lyrics, and links to CDs of Math songs.

Added on September 18, 2007: Mathematics Activities and Games for Early Years

Games and activities on this Manitoba education Mathematics resource site are available for downloading as Word or pdf documents. These include activities and games for the classroom and for home use. There are many favorites but also some new twists on primary games. For example, check out Squeeze Play and Good Riddance in the Home section to add to your classroom collection.

Added on September 17, 2007: Online Calendar Math Ideas

There are great online resources for the classroom calendar routines. The following represent a sampling of some of the best. Bookmark these sites for future reference.

Added on September 16, 2007: Online Math Dictionaries

These online math dictionaries are great as resources for teachers, students and parents.

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