New Classes ... New Beginnings

Plan it and it will happen. Start the new school year by implementing some effective instructional practices to support students as they learn and master math concepts and skills. Take time now to search out some of the many resources available on this site as you plan for the coming school year. Here are some suggested starting points:

  • View the Mathwire A-Z List to quickly locate specific topics. You'll find activities to meet the differentiated needs for additional practice or challenging enrichment suggestions.
  • Check out the Mathwire Mathematical Games Resources to add to your classroom math game collection or to add to your math center for independent play. Games are an effective way for students to practice and master basic math facts.
  • View the Mathwire Morning Math Routines to read about and see pictures of these important daily routines that help develop math concepts in real world applications. Then visit the Morning Math Routines: Photo Gallery to see how different teachers organize these resources in their classrooms.
  • Scan the Mathwire Intervention Strategies for differentiated activities to help struggling learners with counting, teen numbers, money, basic facts, etc.
  • Search through the Mathwire Template Library for templates designed to be inserted into sheet protectors and used with dry erase markers to increase active student participation in math lessons. The Mathwire Math Mat Resources offer mats for place value, seasonal, fact families, and dominoes.
  • Check out the Mathwire Math Manipulatives Resources for additional activities to add to your classroom repertoire as whole class activities, small group exploration or center activities. Current topics include dominoes, hundred board, money, morning math and tangram activities.
  • Revisit Math Activity Themes and Seasonal Math Activities to spice up math class using these coordinated themes.
  • The Mathwire Math-Literature Connections and Writing in Math Class provide suggested activities for using literature titles and writing to help students develop conceptual understanding and link math concepts to real world applications.

Active Participation Strategies

Using Whiteboards and Math Templates to Assess Student Understanding

Math templates and whiteboards encourage students to write in math class. Students may be asked to write the answer, show their solution method, define and illustrate a math vocabulary term, extend a pattern, etc. The use of whiteboards and templates in sheet protectors allows students to quickly respond to questions, work out problems, etc.   Students who are actively involved throughout a math lesson are also actively constructing understanding of important math concepts and demonstrating that understanding using words, numbers and/or pictures.

Teachers who regularly use these assessment tools are able to easily assess student understanding throughout the lesson and adjust instruction, as needed, to meet identified student needs. Teachers easily identify students who would benefit from small group instruction to clarify instruction or provide guided practice so that students master target math skills.

Organizational suggestions:

  • Have students keep frequently used templates in their desks for easy retrieval.
  • File template copies in milk crates and distribute as needed or have assigned students retrieve copies for their group/table.
  • Organize binders of grade-level templates and number pages. Students may fold back the cover to use a template. This method also works well when students use templates on the rug as the binder provides a firm writing/erasing surface.
  • Make transparency copies of frequently used templates so that students can record and explain their work at the overhead Teacher Resources:

Back-to-School Activities

This collection includes back-to-school glyphs, math-literature connections, problem solving activities and morning routines. Find some new activities for those first weeks of school.

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