Math Activity Themes: Gingerbread Math

Gingerbread men and gingerbread houses enjoy special popularity around the holidays, but many of these gingerbread activities are timeless and complement literature titles that teachers use at the beginning of school or after the holidays. It's very easy to incorporate mathematics into a study of gingerbread men, and students will enjoy the data collection activities and games while learning math skills and deepening their understanding of important mathematical concepts.

Look through the math activities in this collection and add some to your repertoire. Consider broadening the gingerbread math to include measurement, games and problem solving this year.

Activities and resources in this Mathwire collection include:

  • math mats
  • measurement
  • symmetry
  • glyphs & graphing ideas
  • math-literature connections
  • games
  • problem solving
  • links to additional internet activities

Winter Math Activities

Be sure to check out the Mathwire Winter Math Activities collections for more seasonal math activities and resources designed to develop mathematical concepts and skills:

  • Winter 2005 Math Activities: include Koch Snowflake, Penguin Math, Snowflake Activities, Snowman Problem Solving, Literature Connections, Winter Glyphs, Winter Data Collection, Gingerbread Activities, Winter Coordinate Graphing, Holiday Problem Solving, and samples of student work.
  • Winter 2006 Math Activities: include penguin math, winter coordinate graphing activities, snowflake activities, literature connections, winter glyphs, winter problem solving and links to additional online activities.
  • Winter 2007 Math Activities: include Winter Geometry, Pattern Block Snowflakes, Snowman Math, Penguin Math, Gingerbread Math, Winter glyphs, Winter Coordinate Graphing Activities, Winter Problem Solving, Winter Math-Literature Connections, and Links to Winter Math Activities on the web.
  • February 2006 Math Activities, updated for 2007, include Freedom Quilts, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, Winter Olympics.
  • Valentine's Day 2008 Math Activities include Valentine Probability, Valentine Discrete Math, Valentine Quilts, and Valentine Symmetric Faces.

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Best of all, the Mathwire Blog format allows users to comment on the activities and add their own ideas to the mix. This should benefit all of us as we try to engage students in learning mathematics.

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