Discrete Math

Featured Activities: Pascal's Triangle Activities

These seasonal activities were developed to provide students opportunities to analyze and learn the patterns of Pascal's Triangle.   Through repeated exposure to this important mathematical pattern, students will build understanding of the pattern and will more easily relate its use to mathematical problems they meet in the future.

Discrete Math

These activities help students use organized lists and systematic counting to solve combination problems.   Map coloring and networks are also discrete math problems that students can relate to real-world applications.

Pascal Patterns & Paths

Combinations: Organized Counting

Map Coloring


  • Data Investigations: Codemaking and Codebreaking: this page investigates mathematical codes and features links to historical and current applications of mathematical codemaking and codebreaking. This is a critical issue for the security of information sent via e-mail or the internet. The page also contains "Crypto Lists" which challenge students to analyze letter frequency to decode these related lists.

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